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Thumbnail Image for Article 9305Mr. Grossi's Class Raises Awareness
Posted Date: 03/29/2017


On Friday, March 10th, 2017, Mr. Grossi’s Math class helped raise awareness on the Achievement Gap. The students were placed into groups, looked at Achievement Gap data, used team-building strategies in order to agree on a presentation mode, wrote a script, created a video recording of themselves sharing the data that was reviewed, and, finally, presented  the material to their peers and Palmview High School staff.  The presentation consisted of four stations.  Station One defined what the Achievement Gap is and provided graphs depicting the discrepancies.  Station Two demonstrated the cause of the Achievement Gap.  Bar graphs were used to depict the correlation between how parents’ education may affect the education of future generations.  Station Three explained why the Achievement Gap is so important.  Furthermore, they explained how closing the Achievement Gap can be used to break present stereotypes.  Lastly, Station Four encouraged the audience to take action by using their voice to raise awareness of this gap, become informed, and resulting in empowerment.  


Through this activity the students in Mr. Grossi’s class were able to practice problem based learning all while practicing their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  Kudos to Mr. Grossi and his class for helping raise awareness on such a critical issue affecting our Hispanic community.