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Thumbnail Image for Article 9072Conjunto La Tradicion Wins 1st Place
Posted Date: 04/26/2017

     We are very proud to announce that on Saturday, February 25th our very own, Conjunto La Tradicion, earned the coveted first place at the 2nd Annual Fiesta Edinburg Conjunto Competition.  In fact, this is the second time they earn first place in said competion.  The conjunto consists of: Marcos Elizondo, (Singer, 12th grade), Benny Vela (Singer, 11th grade), Jesse Trevino (Bass, 12th grade), Jesse Chico (Drums, 12th grade), Eddie Garza (Accordian, 10th grade),  Armando Gonzalez (Accordian, 12th grade), Ricky Castro (Bass, 9th grade), and Benji Cano (Congas, 12th grade).  They are under the direction of Mr. Javier Loya and Consultant Rodolfo Garcia.  Way to make us proud, Conjunto!  Keep up the great work!