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Posted Date: 12/14/2017

Teachers, please have your 1st period class view these four videos in sequential order.  (You are welcome to have other classes complete it as well.)  The first video is a narration of instructions, and it will explain everything for your students. Please have your students sign in the Star Wars Hour of Code Sign-In form.  Please deliver the Sign-In’s to the library at the end of the day.  Sign-In is located at the very end of this article. 
If you are unable to hold Hour of Code on Friday, December 15th, please note that Monday, December 18th will serve as a Make-up Day.  If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the library.
Also, any staff member or student dressed in Star Wars attire is invited to visit the library to get their picture taken. Pictures will be added to our Webpage.
DIRECTIONS: Play this video narration first. 
Introductory Video 1
Introductory Video 2
Introductory Video 3
Please print out the following Sign-In Sheet.