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Congratulations, NASA Scholars: Anaili Garcia & Ruben Guerrero!

Posted Date: 10/07/2020

Congratulations, NASA Scholars: Anaili Garcia & Ruben Guerrero!

NASA HAS Scholar- Anaili Garcia (12th)  NASA HAS Scholar- Ruben Guerrero (12th)


Congratulations, PHS Scholars: Anaili Garcia (12th) & Ruben Guerrero (12th)!


(NASA) Texas High School Aerospace Scholars (HAS) 2019-2020 virtual experience with NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Under a cooperative agreement with Oklahoma State University, HAS is an interactive, online learning experience culminating in a six-day, hands-on experience at Johnson. The onsite event was postponed due to the pandemic, so the HAS team developed a unique and innovative five-day virtual experience for the scholars called Moonshot. Teams of students utilized a systems engineering model to plan a mission to the Moon and create a preliminary design review proposing their approach through the NASA Artemis-themed course. During the experience, students received guidance from NASA scientists, engineers, interns, and certified Texas teachers.


Students are nominated to participate in HAS by their state legislatures. Next, the students individually must complete a prerequisite online curricula prior to being invited to the team-based Moonshot experience. The course consists of four distance-learning modules developed by certified teachers and aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and conducted October 30, 2019--February 26, 2020. The space expiration themed course focuses on special topics to prepare scholars for their virtual Moonshot week with NASA scientists and engineers. The course is structured into four modules: Getting There, Discovering There, Living There, and Working There. Each module is divided into four content areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Each section contains reading, multimedia content, discussion posts, short quizzes, and assignments which are graded by a certified Texas teacher. Six hundred and fifty-six students completed the online prerequisite course and were invited to participate in the Moonshot, project-based, learning experience.